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Carbon Master

Focus on carbon bicycles.


7 Years Yoeleo Branding

Yoeleo brand started from 2011,Now been 7 Years.


Carbon Master

10 Years carbon bicycle developments experience.


Worldwide Customers

Yoeleo customers are over 115 countries or regions.


UCI Approved

All Yoeleo road bicycle carbon wheels are UCI approved.


We start to sponsor CYKELN since 2016.All using Yoeleo T60|88 carbon wheelset

  • Team from Italy
  • Team type:Fixed Gear
  • Martino is the fastest racer of 2016 Red Hook Crit Milano

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What We Offer

We Provide Carbon Bicycle Parts

Including carbon wheelsets,carbon frames,carbon handlebars,carbon seatposts,carbon forks,carbon cages ect.

Provide 30mm,38mm,50mm,60mm,88mm profile carbon wheels in both tubular and clincher/tubelss

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Provide 30mm,38mm,50mm,60mm,88mm profile carbon wheels in both tubular and clincher/tubelss

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We provide road bike carbon frame in rim brake and disc brake with 6 color options.

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What People Say

Being relatively new to cycling I was a little doubtful about the benefit of expensive wheels. Specially when good wheels are generally priced at 1000’s of USD I was not very keen to experiment as well. I was told about YOELEO wheels by a friend and was surprised at how affordable it was for the specs given and decided to take a chance on it. Boy am I glad I did! These wheels make such a difference both interns of rolling resistance as well as smoothness. I think it has given me at least a 5% improvement in my performance all at such a low price. Overall I think this is a super buy and will recommend it fully.  
Ajith Fernando

From Sri Lanka

C50 Red Hello, I just want to give my review of the C50 wheelset. I've had the wheelset for 9 months. Have approx 900 miles 1450 km on them. The wheelset has performed outstandingly. As I weigh 210 lbs,15 stone,95.25kg the 24 spoke rear wheel has really stayed true. At 50mm I expected to really feel crosswinds. But to my surprise the sideways gusts of 25-30 mph,40-50kph, really didn't affect my riding lines very much. The wheels spin up very fast and spin forever. Very good grade of sealed bearings. The only problem I've had is one of the spoke nipples has broken. But that's a minor issue. The front wheel runs true dead on center. The rear has maybe.2mm side deflection,but that's probably because of the busted nipple. All an all running them with Continentetal GPS2 gives them a great ride with just the right amount of road feel. I have had these wheels up to 50mph,80kph. Rock steady with no high speed shake or shimmy. I use Boyd carbon brake pads and has never had braking problems,even in wet weather. The basalt braking surface has worked well at dissipating heat . I like these wheels so good,I've ordered a new set C38. Katrina and Jasmine are really looking out for me,as they give very fast contact,and email replies.. Again the wheels look great,and I get tons of compliments. I tell them to get in contact with Katrina or Jasmine..I will write a nother review on the c38s when they arrive. ..Thank you Yoeleo producing a wonderful safe product, at a great price for all to be had. Thanks Katrina and Jasmine for all of your help.SH.
Steve Hicks

From United States

A high quality product with an absolute bargain price Here is my initial review of the SAT C50 Pro Clincher Carbon rims from Yoeleo I purchased the SAT C50 rims from Yoeleo on Oct. 18th. They arrived exactly one week from order date. I inquired a couple of questions about the wheels, specs, etc. I received answers to all my questions very quickly. Originally I wanted to purchase the C50's as a tubeless ready setup, I was told they offer clincher version only. I did not really mind at all since I have a tubeless ready 23c tire with a inner tube anyway that I would just continue using a clincher/tube setup. Tubeless users might want to enquirer with Yoeleo. I brought the wheels to my LBS to have them adjust rear derailleur and swap the cassette out of the old training wheelset. Received my bike the next day and I could not believe how different my ride looked. The ghost version looks even better in person and up close. The 25mm wide C50's are paired with 25c Continental Grand Prix 4000S II with 80mm Continental tubes. Pressure is about 95psi both front and rear. I chose the wheels with a wide depth in case I want to run 28c in the future. The C50's are paired with DT Swiss 240s hubs. Hub noise is pretty silent but I am sure that will change after I put more miles in. The wheels come supplied with titanium skewers and carbon brake pads. I used Swiss Stop Black Prince pads, so have no comment on the stopping power of the stock pads. Wheels remain very true, no significant deviation compared to my RS610 aluminum wheels. Overall, this is a high quality product with an absolute bargain price. I recommend going with 25mm width and 25c/28c tires to bring out the best in cornering, reducing rolling resistance, and saving a couple of watts (if you guys are into that stuff, I dont have a powermeter). The overall ride is much comfortable compared to the wheels that came with the bike. As a side note, my usual route is on flattish areas with small elevation gradients here and there so these C50 wheels will not be seeing huge descents anytime soon.
Hun Wu

From United States

First test of climb and long descent for Yoeleo Carbon wheelset My Cello MKII Cayin first test of climb and long descent for Yoeleo Carbon wheelset SAT 38 clincher. Really great and no issues on braking. Kept me safe all the time. Great for climbing.
Ramil Navarro

From South Korea

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