SAT C50 Ghost Carbon Wheels

Customer From United States

Name:Hun wu
Here is my initial review of the SAT C50 Pro Clincher Carbon rims from Yoeleo

I purchased the SAT C50 rims from Yoeleo on Oct. 18th. They arrived exactly one week from order date. I inquired a couple of questions about the wheels, specs, etc. I received answers to all my questions very quickly.

Originally I wanted to purchase the C50’s as a tubeless ready setup, I was told they offer clincher version only. I did not really mind at all since I have a tubeless ready 23c tire with a inner tube anyway that I would just continue using a clincher/tube setup. Tubeless users might want to enquirer with Yoeleo.

I brought the wheels to my LBS to have them adjust rear derailleur and swap the cassette out of the old training wheelset. Received my bike the next day and I could not believe how different my ride looked. The ghost version looks even better in person and up close.

The 25mm wide C50’s are paired with 25c Continental Grand Prix 4000S II with 80mm Continental tubes. Pressure is about 95psi both front and rear. I chose the wheels with a wide depth in case I want to run 28c in the future. The C50’s are paired with DT Swiss 240s hubs. Hub noise is pretty silent but I am sure that will change after I put more miles in. The wheels come supplied with titanium skewers and carbon brake pads. I used Swiss Stop Black Prince pads, so have no comment on the stopping power of the stock pads. Wheels remain very true, no significant deviation compared to my RS610 aluminum wheels.

Overall, this is a high quality product with an absolute bargain price. I recommend going with 25mm width and 25c/28c tires to bring out the best in cornering, reducing rolling resistance, and saving a couple of watts (if you guys are into that stuff, I dont have a powermeter). The overall ride is much comfortable compared to the wheels that came with the bike.

As a side note, my usual route is on flattish areas with small elevation gradients here and there so these C50 wheels will not be seeing huge descents anytime soon.


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