SAT C50 Ghost Carbon Wheels

Customer From United States

Just some first impressions and info about my wheelset. C50 Ghost/DT240s(I put white stickers to match bike)/Sapim CX-Ray. Unboxing weight by my scales was 693g front/856g rear/Total 1549g minus skewers…23g and 25g. These wheels look amazing. Ghost logo is cool and well finished in the rim…no cheap stickers here. Have only been on one 50 mile ride so far but it was great. Picked up several PRs on my well worn route…..excitement or wheels?…too early to really tell but they seem fast for sure. My wheelset was delayed because of the sale but Jasmine answered all of my nervous emails super fast and that was appreciated. My only downside was that it was super tight getting the wheels on the rim. I never experienced that before and was worried about damaging the rim. They were brand new tires but still….it was really really tight. Once I received shipping notice and tracking it was 5 days door to door to the USA. Wheels were dead true on arrival and well packed with foam protectors. I live in a windy area (lots of 20-30 mph winds) and the 50mm did great on my first ride which was gusty. I felt some push but nothing really alarming. I was so impressed that I immediately ordered another 88mm rear. Great so far and hopefully will stay that way. 🙂


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