SAT C50 Red Carbon Wheels

Customer From United States

Hello, I just want to give my review of the C50 wheelset. I’ve had the wheelset for 9 months. Have approx 900 miles 1450 km on them. The wheelset has performed outstandingly. As I weigh 210 lbs,15 stone,95.25kg the 24 spoke rear wheel has really stayed true. At 50mm I expected to really feel crosswinds. But to my surprise the sideways gusts of 25-30 mph,40-50kph, really didn’t affect my riding lines very much. The wheels spin up very fast and spin forever. Very good grade of sealed bearings. The only problem I’ve had is one of the spoke nipples has broken. But that’s a minor issue. The front wheel runs true dead on center. The rear has maybe.2mm side deflection,but that’s probably because of the busted nipple. All an all running them with Continentetal GPS2 gives them a great ride with just the right amount of road feel. I have had these wheels up to 50mph,80kph. Rock steady with no high speed shake or shimmy. I use Boyd carbon brake pads and has never had braking problems,even in wet weather. The basalt braking surface has worked well at dissipating heat
I like these wheels so good,I’ve ordered a new set C38. Katrina and Jasmine are really looking out for me,as they give very fast contact,and email replies.. Again the wheels look great,and I get tons of compliments. I tell them to get in contact with Katrina or Jasmine..I will write a nother review on the c38s when they arrive. ..Thank you Yoeleo producing a wonderful safe product, at a great price for all to be had. Thanks Katrina and Jasmine for all of your help.SH.


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