SAT C88 Red Carbon Wheels

Customer From Netherlands

Name:Lutfi El-Shedraway
YOELEO is a top notch business professionals. For the many questions I had, they answered my questions precisely and promptly which drove me to buy these set of tires.

Out of the box, these tires look awesome. But then I took them to a professional store and asked their opinions and they were astonished for their beauty, shape and quality. In fact, the bike mechanics at the store wanted to know where I bought them from and so I showed them the URL.

I installed these babies and then went for a 27 miles ride and what a difference. The rolled smoothly, had a good handling except for when a bit of side wind hits. But it was expected for the bike to have side wind effects with these large rims.

Still the tires are just simply top notch.

I will provide a follow on review in 3 months when I have tested them more. For the time being, I am enjoying the attentions these tire get from my friends and colleagues.


  • Yoeleo SAT C88 Red Carbon Wheels