SAT T50 Blue Carbon Wheels

Customer From South Korea

Name:Kim Judong
I received my YOELEO T50 Blue wheelset last week in perfect condition! They look great and they were very well wrapped and protected. I installed a brand new pair of tires immediately and what can I say “They are FAST!” I love them. I noticed the difference in my riding the first time I went out. They just feel so good! I can actually increase my speed going up a hill. I`m a heavy rider weigh 85kg, but these carbon wheels well prove their great stiffness and strength. I don’t have faith in those very very cheap carbon wheels cause I know that we pay for what we get. Yoeleo wheels are just amazing for both entry level and advanced level.My conclusion is that my money was well spent on a quality product and I would suggest Yoeleo to any cycling enthusiast who is looking for that superior edge that comes with upgrading their wheelset without breaking their banking account in the process.


  • Yoeleo SAT T50 Blue Carbon Wheels