Stiffer,Faster,More Aerodynamic!

All Road Carbon Wheelset are UCI Approved


YOELEO SAT (Special Assembly Technology)
1.What is YOELEO SAT technology?
YOELEO SAT technology means to build wheels using rims without spoke holes on tire bed, thus, wheels are built without damaging original carbon weave.
2.What are the advantages of SAT technology?
a. Increase 30% strength to wheels;
b. SAT wheels perform better on bumps and pot holes;
c. Inflation capacity increases 10%;
d. Saving wheels weight due to no rim tapes required

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SL super light Disc Brake

There is SL(Super light) series for Yoeleo rim brake and disc brake wheelset

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Secure Lock Nipples

Secure Lock

The newly patented Secure Lock nipple of Sapim is a locking mechanism that prevents nipples from untightening. The advantages of this easy locking system are:

Can be used on truing machine
No loose function while truing the wheel
Available on most current Sapim nipples
Easy to recognize
Highly precise and accurate machines have specifically been developed to produce this type of locking system. They ensure stable and well defined deformation on the thread.

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DT Swiss 350 straight pull hubs

The term Straightpull refers to spokes with no bend at the head. This design allows for an ideal strength to weight ratio when compared to conventional spokes. Due to their more precise alignment and direct trajectory, straight-pull spoke technology creates a stiffer, more responsive wheel.

We are using DT Swiss 350s and 240s straight pull hubs as optional hubs for road,mtb,cyclocross,triathlon carbon wheels.

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Disc brake carbon wheels without brake track

Yoeleo disc brake carbon wheelset are without braking surface

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Yoeleo tubeless rims have further advantages over conventional rims. The design of their cross section allows for the tire to easily pop in place when inflated, and more often than not a standard floor pump is all that’s needed. Also the elaborate profile of Yoeleo rims ensures a precise and safe fit of the tire even when ridden hard.

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1K-carbon braking surface

Yoeleo rim brake carbon wheelsets are with 1K carbon braking

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